Ted Fischer – Founder (ted@maniplus.org)
Ted is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University. He founded Mani+ in 2009, and he maintains an active role in managing the project. He has worked in Guatemala for over 20 years, and his research focuses on issues of culture, economics, and development. See more at http://www.tedfischer.org

Steve Moore - Co-founder
Steve is the founder of The Shalom Foundation, and has been a key supporter of Mani+ from the start.  Over his 25 year career in the music business, Steve worked as a music promoter and as CEO of the Country Music Association. He has also taught as an adjunct professor of business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

Pedro Merida – Program Director (pmerida@theshalomfoundation.org)
Lic. Pedro Merida is the Executive Director of the Asociacion Moore de Guatemala and of the NutriPlus/Mani+ project.  Trained as a lawyer, Pedro soon decided to devote his professional life to NGOs and public service.  He was the Commercial Manager for Patronato del Diabetico and Corporate Sub-Director of APROFAM before joined the Shalom Foundation and taking leadership of Mani+

Miguel Cuj – Director of Research and Nutritionist (miguel@maniplus.org)
Lic. Miguel Cuj has a degree in nutrition science from the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, and he was supported in his studies by the Maya Education Foundation. He has also held a fellowship position in tobacco control at the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala and has worked on nutrition projects with Save the Children and the Conferencias de Iglesias Evangelicas de Guatemala. Miguel is from San Lucas Toliman; he speaks Kaqchikel Maya, Spanish, and English. 

Evelyn Hernández-  Sales and Marketing (ventas@maniplus.org)
Evelyn Hernández has a B.S. in Marketing and Management from the University of the Ozarks.  Fluent in English and Spanish, she comes to us from Potter's House International, where she was the Communications and Marketing Coordinator.

Gabriela Araujo - Production Coordinator and Quality Control (produccion@maniplus.org)

Cecilia Skinner-Klee – Development Director and legal representative
Cecilia holds a degree in Social Sciences and a MA in Development with a specialization in Decentralization of Local Power. She has also carried out studies in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and over the last 15 years has managed various international cooperation projects.

Ana Rios -- Administrative Assistant (srios@theshalomfoundation.org)



Raxche’ Demetrio Rodríguez Guaján – (Senior Education Adviser)
Raxche’ has a Masters degree in Sustainable Development Management from the Universidad Autónima de Madrid. Raxche' is a specialist in bilingual education and he is the author and coauthor of various texts about education and Indigenous rights.

Manolo Mazariegos (Senior Nutritional Adviser)
Manolo Mazariegos is a maternal and child nutrition specialist with medical degrees from the Universidadde San Carlos de Guatemala.  He held a post-doc in nutrition, metabolism and body composition from Columbia.  He is a researcher in the Micronutrient and Nutrition section of INCAP. He has served as a researcher and member of CeSSIAM, FANCAP, and the Network for Women's and Children 's Health Research (NICHD) . He has conducted extensive research related to the topic of child nutrition.

María del Pilar López Santisteban (Nutrition Adviser)
Licda. López is a Research Resident at INCAP with a degree in nutrition from the Universidad de San Carlos.

Carlos Giron – Technical Adviser
Carlos holds a degree in eco-development from the Universidad del Valle. He is currently acquiring a second degree in Construction and Management with an emphasis in LEED certified buildings in the United States. He has started several businesses, and worked for two years as a volunteer helping develop the Mani+ plan.