Our mission: To develop and produce products to combat malnutrition, distribute them in a way that maximizes social impact, and provide economic opportunities for small producers.

Our Social Impact Model

The NutriPlus model consists of 5 key components

1. The Product. NutriPlus has developed a Ready-To-Use Supplementary Food (RUSF)  that rapidly and effectively combats the specific forms of malnutrition found in Guatemala through a balance of protein, calories, and micronutrients.

2. Economic and Agricultural Development. By purchasing local ingredients, NutriPlus opens new market opportunities for rural farmers while working with them to eliminate aflatoxin contamination and obtain international certifications.

3. Education. NutriPlus provides culturally-appropriate workshops for mothers and children in local languages, emphasizing overall nutrition as well as how to use RUSFs.

4. Research and Development. NutriPlus develops new and better products to combat nutritional problems in the laboratories of INCAP.

5. Social Enterprise. NutriPlus is a social enterprise, capable of being 100% self-sustainable and reinvesting surplus revenue directly in the project.

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